Quotes by Dahlberg, Edward

Hardly a book of human worth, be it heaven's own secret, is honestly p >>

No country has suffered so much from the ruins of war while being at p >>

I would rather take hellebore than spend a conversation with a good, l >>

Quotations about Vice

Here am I: at one stroke incestuous, adulteress, sodomite, and all tha >>

Every vice has its excuse ready. >>

Time, which alone makes the reputation of men, ends by making their de >>

So much of our lives is given over to the consideration of our imperfections that there is no time to improve our imaginary virtues. The truth is we only perfect our vices, and man is a worse creature when he dies than he was when he was born.

Dahlberg, Edward

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Quotes by Edward Dahlberg

Quotes about Vice

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