Quotes by Capote, Truman

Fame is only good for one thing-they will cash your check in a small t >>

Even an attorney of moderate talent can postpone doomsday year after y >>

All literature is gossip. >>

Quotations about Relationships

The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what >>

It is only when we no longer compulsively need someone that we can hav >>

Today we are faced with the preeminent fact that, if civilization is t >>

People who are having a love-sex relationship are continuously lying to each other because the very nature of the relationship demands that they do, because you have to make a love object of this person, which means that you editorialize about them. You cut out what you don't want to see, you add this if it isn't there. And so therefore you're building a lie.

Capote, Truman

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