Quotes by Child, Lydia M.

Reverence is the highest quality of man's nature; and that individual, >>

But men never violate the laws of God without suffering the consequenc >>

A reformer is one who sets forth cheerfully toward sure defeat. >>

Quotations about Men and Women

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. >>

Let us treat the men and women well: treat them as if they were real: >>

Even the wisest men make fools of themselves about women, and even the >>

The nearer society approaches to divine order, the less separation will there be in the characters, duties, and pursuits of men and women. Women will not become less gentle and graceful, but men will become more so. Women will not neglect the care and education of their children, but men will find themselves ennobled and refined by sharing those duties with them; and will receive, in return, co-operation and sympathy in the discharge of various other duties, now deemed inappropriate to women. The more women become rational companions, partners in business and in thought, as well as in affection and amusement, the more highly will men appreciate home.

Child, Lydia M.

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