Quotes by Mead, Margaret

If I were to be taken hostage, I would not plead for release nor would >>

For the very first time the young are seeing history being made before >>

The negative cautions of science are never popular. If the experimenta >>

Quotations about Marriage

He believes that marriage and a career don't mix. So after the wedding >>

My wife and I were happy for twenty. Then we met! >>

When a husband is embraced without affection, there must be some reaso >>

The institution of marriage in all societies is a pattern within which the strains put by civilization on males and females alike must be resolved, a pattern within which men must learn, in return for a variety of elaborate rewards, new forms in which sexual spontaneity is still possible, and women must learn to discipline their receptivity to a thousand other considerations.

Mead, Margaret

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Quotes by Margaret Mead

Quotes about Marriage

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