Quotes by O'Rourke, P. J.

Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of soci >>

Politics are for foreigners with their endless wrongs and paltry right >>

Automobiles are free of egotism, passion, prejudice and stupid ideas a >>

Quotations about Farming and Farmers

There are only three things that can kill a farmer: lightning, rolling >>

Whenever there are in any country uncultivated lands and unemployed po >>

I see upon their noble brows the seal of the Lord, for they were born >>

Farm policy, although it's complex, can be explained. What it can't be is believed. No cheating spouse, no teen with a wrecked family car, no mayor of Washington, D.C., videotaped in flagrant has ever come up with anything as farfetched as U.S. farm policy.

O'Rourke, P. J.

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