What is to give light must endure the burning.
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Everything can be taken away from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedom -- to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.
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A human being is a deciding being.
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Just as a small fire is extinguished by the storm whereas a large fire is enhanced by it-likewise a weak faith is weakened by predicament and catastrophes whereas a strong faith is strengthened by them.
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Fear may come true that which one is afraid of.
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Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives.
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Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time.
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Only to the extent that someone is living out this self transcendence of human existence, is he truly human or does he become his true self. He becomes so, not by concerning himself with his self's actualization, but by forgetting himself and giving himself, overlooking himself and focusing outward.
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Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human.
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Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.
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I recommend that the Statue of Liberty be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the west coast.
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Frankl, Viktor E.

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